Peer Review Process

The peer review process of the Journal of Health Sciences and Epidemiology is a rigorous and systematic evaluation process that ensures the quality and validity of the research published in the journal. The process typically involves the following steps: The author submits their manuscript to the journal via an online submission system. The editor of the journal reviews the manuscript to ensure that it meets the journal's scope and formatting guidelines. If the manuscript is deemed suitable, it is sent out for peer review. The editor sends the manuscript to two or more independent experts in the field (double-blind review). Review process is done to evaluate the manuscript's quality, originality, significance, and validity of the research. The reviewers provide detailed comments and suggestions to the author, and they may recommend that the manuscript be accepted, revised, or rejected. If the manuscript is accepted with revisions, the author is asked to revise the manuscript based on the reviewers' comments and suggestions. The Final Decision is made by the editor based on the reviewers' feedback, the author's revisions, and the overall quality of the manuscript. The editor may accept, reject, or request further revisions before a final decision.