Plagiarsm Check

Journal of health Sciences and Epidemiology, as a properly-reputable global journal, desires to make sure that each one authors are cautious and cling to worldwide requirements for educational integrity, especially in the issue of plagiarism.

Plagiarism happens while an creator takes ideas, records, or words from every other source without giving proper credit to the supply. even if it happens by chance, plagiarism remains a critical instructional offense and isn't always desirable in worldwide academic publications. When the author knows specific facts (names, dates, locations, statistical numbers, or different special records) from a particular source, citation is required.

Whilst an writer takes an idea from any other creator, a quotation is required-even supposing the writer then develops the concept in addition. it can be an concept about how to interpret the records, either the methodology used or the conclusions drawn. it could additionally be an idea about large traits in a subject or trendy records. whatever the concept, the writer must cite the source. In instances where the writer develops the idea in addition, it's miles nonetheless essential to cite the original supply of the concept, and then inside the next sentence, the author can give an explanation for his or her more evolved concept.

Whilst the author takes words from another writer, citations and citation marks are required. on every occasion four or greater consecutive words are same to a supply the writer has examine, the writer ought to use quotation marks to signify the usage of authentic phrases from some other creator; mere citation isn't always sufficient.

The Journal of Health Sciences and Epidemiology takes academic integrity very critically, and the editors reserve the proper to withdraw any manuscript observed to violate any of the standards set out above. For greater statistics, prospective authors can contact the editorial office at [email protected]

Papers submitted to the Journal of Health Sciences and Epidemiology may be screened and checked for plagiarism the usage of Turnitin - Plagiarism Checker, however authors must take a look at this earlier than submission.